Camps Abroad

he Caspian Khazri EDU enables individuals, companies and various groups who wish to have an interesting and useful time during time away from every day responisbilites. Usually these courses run through summer or short winter schedules and are coordinated through the world’s leading universities.

Winter & Summer Programmes cover the following subjects:

  • Foreign language programmes
  • Refresher programmes
  • Education programmes
  • Fact-finding business visits

For students ranging from 8-16 years old, the majority of courses last for 2 weeks but courses of up to 4 weeks are also available. Typically they begin in the second half of July and continue through the end of August. Children attending are under constant supervision and provided support and encouragement.

We communicate with the schools every day and inform parents of their child’s progress. The children are met at the airport and accommodated by “Caspian-Khazri EDU”. After completing the course the children are returned to the airport and chaperoned until flight departure.

variety of entertainment programs are organized for the children in the second half of each day beyond academics, including dance, horse-races, sporting competitions and evening walks, and specialized groups. Depending on the location, daily trips to London and other close cities are arranged.

Overall, the program provides the children with an unforgettable winter /summer schooling experience, with a significant improvement in their English language skills and experience of British culture and heritage.

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