The “Caspian-Khazri” society, established in London in 2006, is an initiative of businessmen and other active young people who promote Azerbaijani culture in Great Britain, and a medium to assist our compatriots living abroad who wish to promote and support our country.

The support of various great projects we have conceived in recent years including two “Caspian Khazri” Azerbaijan weekend schools, “Sara Khatun” women’s society, and “Buta” dance ensemble has been instrumental in organizing and active group of affiliates. These endeavours have been supported by the “European Azerbaijan Society”. The projects were implemented in 2013 and have since found great success in the community.

Recently initiated courses to teach Azeri language and culture to non-natives, including an “Introduction to Garabakh” that promotes the history of this region in universities around the UK as well as supported research projects, are now offered at various locations. A successful philanthropic project we plan on repeating annually is the Azerbaijan National Food Exhibition in London and Norwich.


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