The CASPIAN KHAZRI EDU is at your service providing great spheres of activity and support!

  • The Caspian Khazri EDU constantly holds seminars on education abroad. Lectures are coordinated with local educational institutions and universities.
  • Support students to take the right steps in deciding upon a future bachelor course and university.
  • Direct young people who have a bachelor’s degree and want to study for a master’s degree.
  • Explain methods and techniques of applying for a doctor’s programmes.
  • Seminars held at secondary schools
  • Meeting parents to help with choosing the right boarding school for their children.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Helping students to find right accommodation.
  • Mentoring service.
  • Guardian services.
  • Estate agency services.

I Am Abroad

The Caspian Khazri EDU has coordinators in the world’s leading education countries. Our representatives in those countries provide the following types of free services for young people going abroad for education through our programme:

  • Transfer
  • Escort & Placement in universities
  • Adaptation Sessions
  • Personal Consultation Services

I Am Abroad VIP Programme

This programme, along with the free services of the programme “I am abroad”, provides the following types of paid services:

  • Cleaning Services
  • Driving Services
  • Cooking Services
  • Security Services
  • Weekend & Holiday Planning Services
  • Event Management

Individual Wishes Programme

The Caspian Khazri EDU offers the following paid services for young people to get their education and build their careers in the most interesting spheres for their constant development and future aims:

  • Visual advance familiarization with the university according to the wishes of the parents and students
  • Preparation of the long-term concept development of an individual according to the wishes of the parents and students
  • It is also possible to prepare individual development plans for young people as a VIP service


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