United Kingdom

British university admissions and placement consultants

Choosing a UK university isn’t as simple as seeing which brochure catches your eye or which one has the best nightlife. Our University Admissions advisors never forget that university is a means to an end – your future career – rather than an end in itself.

Our university placement service can advise on your university options, both course and institution, with an eye to the future. Of course, your experience while you are there matters too; all of our team are top professionals, and can offer you advice from people who both understand and care about university life.  

Our level of reach into and knowledge of the University sector in the UK means we can also make key introductions to current students we have placed, and academic professionals within the University itself to offer expert advice and recommendations.  This can often prove to be crucial at application stage.

From choosing the best course to assessing the extracurricular strengths of an institution, our university placement consultants can also help you discover whether you have what that university wants in its candidates – and what you can do about it if you’re lacking in a particular area.

We can also help and advise on the UCAS application process, offering help and advice on personal statements, course combinations and other quirks of the system. If exams and interviews are required, we can arrange exam preparation and mock interviews and feedback sessions to ensure nothing is a surprise on the day.

Applications to Oxford or Cambridge are notoriously competitive and complex, and so in addition to our other university placement specialists, we also have a dedicated entrance team for Oxford and Cambridge.

All of our UK University applications include:

  • Full review of academic qualifications
  • Extensive course and university shortlisting
  • Full personal statement support & guidance
  • Interview preparation if needed
  • References and English language qualification advice