Boarding Schools

Girls Only Boarding School

Many boarding schools are exclusively designed for girls. This type of school is usually run by nuns, or with religious affiliation. They believe that an all-girls boarding school will encourage students to focus more on their academic studies.
The notion that there is less trouble is also noted, since girls tend to be more disciplined students than their male counterparts. This means the school can tailor their problem solving to issues at hand and more effectively.

Boys only Boarding School

The all-boys boarding is also exclusive for boys. Here, the school introduces more discipline resembling more military boarding style so that they can really improve themselves to become responsible citizens in the future.
Intramurals and activities tailored to boys are a focus beyond the stellar education.

Co-ed Boarding School

The mixed gender boarding schools are usually run by traditional schools.
The administrator of the system stands firmly on the doctrine of democracy and responsibility of the students to study hard and avoid temptations of the opposite sex while theyre young and still need to be nurtured.


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