EU, Canada, Turkey...

EU, Canada, Turkey and Azerbaijan University Placement Consultants

Our university placement services match students with the best possible academic program. We work with a range of colleges and universities across the EU, Canada, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

We place students across a range of academic disciplines, including: business, economics, education, international relations, science and technology, and social sciences, among others.

To advise students about the best possible program options, our specialists are updated about the rapidly changing specialisations and trends within each field of study.

Through regular reviews of admissions information and other advising resources, our specialists help students articulate their study objectives and identify academic programs that will best suit their study plans.

All of our rest of the world University applications include:

·         Full review of academic qualifications

·         Extensive course and university shortlisting

·         Full personal statement support & guidance

·         Interview preparation if needed

·         References and English language qualification advice

·         Help and advice accepting a place